Friday, November 6, 2009

"A Horrific Outburst of Violence"

I feel like drawing the shades, locking the doors, turning off the television, the radio, the computer.  I want to hold my children close to me - close enough that they will never know the violence that exploded yesterday afternoon at Fort Hood or the unspeakable crimes that befell a 15-year old girl at a homecoming dance in Richmond, California or the slaughter of 16-year old Derrion Albert on his way home from school.  I look at them, their wide eyes, their smooth cheeks, and I despair - not just because I am afraid for them in this land of easy killing and thoughtless dehumanization, but because I don't want to think of them going out into a world where such things are possible.  Can't I just keep them forever in the land of bears sitting on chairs, where the only wild things are the kind that devour out of love rather than depravity?

I think this morning of the parents of the victims of these crimes.  I think too of the parents of older children who may see the news and ask questions.  I know I am the lucky one - to have my babies safe and too young to ask "Why?"

How do you talk to your children about things you cannot yourself comprehend?

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  1. You end this compelling post with a compelling question: "How do you talk to your children about things you cannot yourself comprehend?" And I have no answer. But I too ask these questions, I too fear the onslaught of "whys" I won't be able to answer. If only we lived and lived forever in the "land of bears sitting on chairs." If only.


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