Saturday, November 14, 2009

Welcome to the New Normal

Remember how a normal Saturday morning used to be about sleeping late, taking in a yoga class, or lingering over the weekend inserts of the Sunday Times with a bottomless mug of coffee?

Compare that to your Saturday mornings now:

Wake up to Tiny Baby's whimpering - or is that crying?

Reason with him that, although his body clock tells him it's 6:30 a.m., we nevertheless arbitrarily reset our clocks two weeks ago and therefore he is waking up at an unacceptably early hour.

Breastfeed said baby while watching the last 20 minutes of Thursday night's Project Runway.

Make coffee.

Clean Tiny Baby's spit-up off rug in living room.

Clean up coffee spilled while cleaning spit-up.

Shake rattles in general vicinity of Tiny Baby while sipping remaining coffee and checking the headlines on the Times website.

Put Tiny Baby down for his first nap of the day.

Start the day's first load of laundry.

Greet Big Boy as Husband carries him out of his bedroom and to the dining room table.

Persuade Big Boy that leftover Halloween candy is not an acceptable breakfast option.

Talk to him about making good choices while he cries into his yogurt.

Welcome to the new Saturday morning, the new normal.  Welcome to life with kids.

Lather.  Rinse.  Repeat.


  1. Yes yes yes! I often have thought to try blogging in "real time." Uh, IMpossible. But I hear ya! Next weekend, Sweetie and I are going away, for TWO whole NIGHTS! (Thank you, Sarah, for taking my three!) I just hope we CAN sleep in, given the opportunity. And I am SO looking forward to reading the NYTimes. Delicious.

  2. Good for you, Jen! I hope you and your sweetie have a wonderful weekend.

    If only I had a sister willing to take my two for the weekend...if only I had a sister at all - the bond that you and Sarah make real for all of us at Momalom is inspiring and aspirational.

  3. My Saturday's haven't been "normal" in 18 years. (That's not to scare you...) It's just that this is the "new normal" and the "new normal" evolves as they grow and change. (It's helpful when they're old enough to train to make your coffee, and not burn themselves.)

    LOVING your blog. So glad we met. (Thank you Sarah and Jen - you rock!


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