Monday, December 28, 2009

An Eighth Thing We Don't Know About You

I was a good basketball player as a kid.  This was just before women's basketball really exploded onto the scene and I managed to play pretty seriously and pretty competitively all the while playing other sports and carrying out the general business of childhood.

The peak of my career came toward the end of grade school when I was the starting point guard on a New England championship CYO team and was the state champ of an age-based foul shooting contest sponsored by the Elks.  (The local Elks club then held a dinner in my honor.  Very posh.)  I continued to play basketball in high school, but a combination of a back injury and increasingly stiff competition benched me before college.

Were you a good athlete as a kid?  Are you one now?


  1. Dear God, I am the most unathletic human being ever. All I was ever good at was swimming.

  2. I was a terrible athlete. I did shot put for a year because I lost a bet (I can't even remember what the bet was for...) and the coach kept me on pretty much to give moral support to the team...

  3. Basketball! Wow!

    I was a dancer. Otherwise, not athletic. Nerdy, with pointed toes.

  4. Ducked from every ball that was ever thrown my way, couldn't dunk my head in a swimming pool till I was eleven. The gym teacher in my elementary school used to visibly groan when she saw any member of my family (there were seven of us) show up for a class.

    Not a natural athlete.

  5. I WAS an athlete. It's all I ever had passion for... sports. I played them all. Succeeded in some more than others. I MISS playing team sports so much. When autumn hits and the smells of fall are in the air, I am brought back to field hockey practice and the excitement of the games. I often stand by the tennis courts at our local highschool and reminisce of my HS tennis days. And this is all why I'm SHOCKED that my daughter isn't (yet) following in my footsteps. I always thought I'd have a little athlete for a daughter. I'm still hoping... we'll see!

  6. Sports? I was the last one picked nearly every time as a kid. Luckily I discovered that my hobby (hunting for mushrooms in the woods) (TO EAT FOR DINNER!!) does require some athleticism and at least burns enough calories to work off all the yummy cream of mushroom soups and cheese and chocolate I adore while walking in the woods. Also I discovered Zumba. Amen. All these dynamic creative women here seem to share a fear of the gym....except for Becca! Field Hockey? That is just WAY cool!!!


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