Friday, December 18, 2009

The First Thing We Don't Know About You

Last week, the witty, wise, and altogether wonderful Big Little Wolf gave me my first holiday gift, the Sugar Doll award.  This prize comes with the bloggy equivalent of a required acceptance speech.  And so, as part of my Holiday Hiatus, I give you the first installment in this Very Special Ten Part Mostly Silly Series, Ten Things We Don't Know About You:

I am the proud owner of what Husband affectionately calls "mutant toes."  Like human thumbs, my big toes are opposable.  (Apparently, this anomaly is genetic; my older brother's toes are similarly sublime.)  My toes are so flexible that I can pick up small items and can even write fairly legibly with them.  I occasionally shock people by using my feet as an extra pair of hands, using them to carry things from one room to another.  This talent has come in very, well, handy as a mother of two small children as I can easily retrieve dropped objects without bending over.

I am still waiting to discover the full range of applications of this particular gift.

Do you have any weird and wondrous physical traits?


  1. That is a talent that we all could use!!

    I hope that you are enjoying your trip. I could use a trip right now to NYC with my kids. What a great time to be there. Where are you by the way?

  2. This is fabulous! Could you play jax with your toes, you think? That would be cool.

    Let's see... surprising physical traits. Um, I could do splits until about a year ago. With a little stretching, perhaps I still could. (Just keep the heating pad and motrin nearby!)

    Have fun in NY!

  3. Hilarious about your wonky toes!

    Hope you are having a blast in NY!

    I can't think of anything...I'm sure there's something? Surely I am not that boring?

  4. Wow, really? That's kinda freaky. And cool, you know, but still...

    You can really use your feet like hands?

    Again: wow.

  5. No quirky physical traits for me! Unless you count being incredibly fertile...

    Enjoy NY!!

  6. In the 80's I once saw someone at a Big Boy casually stirring his soup with his big toe.

  7. Oooh OOhh Me too! I have crazy long toes too! It's definitely genetic in my family. My mom has the same toes. We call them toes with super powers!

    Hope you're having a great trip!

  8. My husband can pick up things with his feet too. I think of mine as "man feet," I inherited my dad's feet instead of my mom's. Not good.

    For me - an black dot in my left eye that people think is an extra pupil, like I'm an alien. No, I can't see out of it, just out of the regular one...


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