Thursday, December 17, 2009

Holiday Hiatus

Friends, think of me on an airplane.

Think of Big Boy, hopefully docile.  Hopefully enraptured by our new portable DVD player.

Think of Tiny Baby, hopefully asleep.  Hopefully sound asleep.

Think of Husband, hopefully multitasking contentedly.

Think of the people - hopefully patient, hopefully child-loving - seated in front of us.  Think of their kidneys - hopefully still intact given the unfortunate height of Big Boy's feet when properly installed in his car seat on the plane.

That's right.  Today - maybe even as you read these very words - Husband, Big Boy, Tiny Baby, and I are flying east for a two week trip to celebrate Hanukkah and Christmas with our families.

So the upcoming days will look a little different here at Motherese.  Because, although this trip will take us to a giant city and a bustling suburb, my access to a computer and the Internet will be limited.  Or, at least, I have chosen to limit my access to a computer and the Internet. 

Aidan posted last week about expectations.  In it, she reflected on her promise to post for a second time in one day, the day after her site was hacked:
And now I write this and wonder about expectations. Whether they are good for us. Whether they are something that we truly control. Or whether, to some degree, they control us? Are we curtailing our own freedom by fashioning expectations that are too much and too many? Are expectations existential cuffs?
I thought a lot about Aidan's questions and about the comments on her post - especially the words of Christina, a woman whose thinking and writing I also admire:
Don’t I sound all pulled together? Hold on. Just because I am heaping grace all over the place doesn’t mean any of it lands on me. My expectations for myself are high and they are are mine alone. No one has forced me to set these goals and keep this pace. Some days I can justify my expectations because I am compelled to use each day to make a difference. To push myself, to stretch and grow. Other days I can’t justify anything. Seems there is a basic foundation for my contentment and that foundation is taking care of my husband and boys and being there for my friends and family...
Add to all this that I am feeling such guilt about my own blog and keeping up with my favorite blogs...I expect myself to blog daily and read others and comment daily so I’ve let myself down. Oh gee.
Before reading Aidan's post and Christina's response, I had planned on preparing two weeks' worth of full-length posts to publish during my trip, staying true to the daily posting course I had charted when I started blogging last month.  Holding fast to the high expectations I had imposed on myself.  But these women prompted me to ask, Why?  Why churn out pages of content when I could - and should - be living in the Present Tense?  Reveling in the magic of Tiny Baby's first Hanukkah and Christmas.  Drinking in Big Boy's exuberance as he visits his favorite dinosaurs.  Sneaking away as often as possible for some dates with Husband.  Catching up with too-long-ago-seen family and friends.

So what does that mean for you, gentle reader?

During my Holiday Hiatus, I'll be serving up the blogging equivalent of tapas, hopefully delectable little morsels of Motherese.  Hopefully enough to keep your appetite whetted and ready for more of the main course when I return.

So stay tuned.

And, until then, may your days be merry and bright.


  1. Have a wonderful break! Happy hanukah and merry Christmas! Enjoy it all! And if NYC is the city you'll be visiting then maybe I'll see you by the dinosaurs! Happy travels. Xx

  2. We will thoroughly enjoy any tapas you send our way, and even some days without. Enjoy your time with family. Fill up on that, all those wonderful firsts, and more.

    Happy holidays.

  3. Have a safe and wonderful trip!
    Can't wait to see what you have in store for us ;)

  4. hope you really enjoy your visit with that marvelous H!

  5. Enjoy! Will look forward to the tapas!

  6. Love the tapas analogy. Might have to steal it... Thanks for the link love and have a wonderful trip.

  7. Tapas? 4 course meals? I don't care. Any words you share I'll savor. But in the meantime, enjoy your respite, enjoy your family, enjoy the familiarity of "home." Have a wonderful holiday! Looking forward to hearing about your adventures!

  8. Have joy filled Holidays and a much needed respite from our wired world.

  9. Ohhhh...I've been linked! I'm so honored!

    Good for you. Be present. Yeah blogs are important and interesting and worthwhile but investing in your family and giving them your full attention trumps all.

    I've been on delightful plane rides with my two buckaroos and I've been on plane rides where turbulence would have been a nice distraction. Hope yours was the former. Oh also realized that the battery life is short on those DVD players and if your darling watches a movie waiting at the gate, there probably won't be enough battery to last the flight:(

    Looking forward to tapas and more of you in the new year.

  10. I wrote a big long comment and when I tried to publish it, there was an error and it's gone and now I don't feel like re-writing the whole thing. *sigh*


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