Thursday, December 31, 2009

Home At Last

Image: "Christmas Gifts," by Kelvin Kay at Wikimedia Commons via a Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 3.0 License.
13 nights,
3 states,
3 planes,
3 cars,
5 buses,
6 beds,
2 cribs,
6 Pack 'n Plays (or is it Packs 'n Play?),
2 nights of Hanukkah,
1 birthday,
1 Christmas Eve,
1 Christmas,
and 3 UPS boxes full of presents later,
I am home at last, home at last.

Thank God Almighty, I am home at last!

Has your holiday hullabaloo come to an end or are you still in the midst of the maelstrom?


  1. It is OVER in the respect that I once more have my house to myself (as much as I ever do) but it is still Christmastime in that I will leave the tree and decorations up until my birthday (Feb 1) cuz that's how I do :)

  2. I am positive my holiday mess is over.

  3. I envy you! We are smack dab in the middle of the second wave of guests. Help me!!!

  4. Yes, my holiday season is thankfully over. We went to my family's and enjoyed a nice, restful, holiday. NOT. With 9 brothers and sisters, holidays are never restful. We did, however, enjoy being pampered by my mother.
    One question for you, we have tried to discourage any form of yelling and hitting in my daughter. We don't hit, we don't yell, and we try and teach her not to do this as well. Yet, my family does not hold to these same values. My daughter came home hitting. I mean HITTING. She smacks her brother all the time and thinks it hilarious! She is only 16-months old, so we don't punish her (how would we anyway?). So, my question is do you have similar issues when returning home from family visits?

    Sorry for the long comment! I am so glad you are back, rested, and ready to start a new year!

  5. Still in maelstrom. Send liquor.

  6. I am home. And I will BE home next year. Mark my words.

  7. That is a great deal of travel, living, celebrating. Enjoy being home. And happy new year.

  8. That's a lot of traveling to do with two little kids, Kristen. Here's my answer: even though Hanukkah ended a week before Christmas, I never quite got the energy to put it back together after my family party. Then we left town on our trip. I walked back in and, lo and behold, it's still Hanukkah. Pathetic.

  9. Welcome home :) Love your new picture on the sidebar! You are gorgeous (inside and out!)

    (and yes, the Ergo is the most amazing thing ever, I actually bought it specifically for going on an airplane trip, so glad I did!)

    Welcome home, and happy new year!

  10. I'm tired just from reading it! Welcome home!


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