Saturday, December 5, 2009

Six Quick Picks, Vol. III

Welcome to Six Quick Picks, a look at a few items on the Internet that caught my eye during the past week.  Collectively, you have helped author this week's edition.

On Thursday, I asked you to share the names of some of the blogs you visit to shake up your perspective.  I am very grateful to everyone who took the time to comment on my post or to e-mail me their thoughts.  I am also thankful to Lindsey for continuing the conversation on Friday at A Design So Vast.

Reflecting on your remarks has helped me to see that different shades of the familiar can sometimes be more provocative than great gulfs of difference. As I said in my comment on Lindsey's post: "We each have so many facets of our identities - and just because a writer is similar on one edge doesn't mean she will be on another. In fact, the point of connection can help us better understand the points of departure."

So I present you with this week's Six Quick Picks, all of which come from the links you suggested via comments and e-mail.  Similar and different, these bloggers offer takes at once relate-able (to borrow a phrase from Lindsey) and thought-provoking on some of my favorite topics: life, love, parenthood, and, of course, books.

1. Book Snob: Thanks to Delia, herself the author of one of my favorite recent discoveries, who recommended Katy Keim's sharp, sassy, and savvy blog about fabulous books and the readers who love them.

2. Breed 'Em and Weep: I am grateful to Lindsey for suggesting this link to Jennifer, a crystalline-voiced single mom whose struggle with the usual challenges of parenthood is complicated by her own battle with bipolar disorder.

3. The Critical Path: Thanks to Nicki for leading me to Steve's blog, where he applies an analytical decision-making process to his emotional life.  (Needless to say, an emphasis on reason over feeling isn't always my strong suit.)

4. Not Drowning, Mothering:  Thank you, Becca, for steering me toward the witty tales of the Not Drowning Mother, a British-Australian mother of three who "still laughs a lot, although often her laughter turns into uncontrollable sobbing."

5. Privilege of ParentingBigLittleWolf has introduced many of us to Bruce on her blog and in a comment at Momalom, an introduction for which I have been very grateful since first encountering his wise, gentle, and nuanced reflections on how to become "our best selves through raising children."

6. Stimeyland: Thanks to an e-mail buddy for turning me on to this humorous and human look at Stimey's life as a mother to three boys, one of whom is on the autism spectrum.

Happy reading!  And here's to many more conversations ahead.


  1. Oooh! Can't wait to check these out! Awesome!

  2. These look nifty. Good reads for later, thank you!

  3. Will make sure to check out these links. And soon! Thanks, Kristen.

  4. Thanks for these, Kristen! Love the Book Snob! I had a good time reading.

  5. Thanks so much for including me here! I went back and read the post you referenced here and found it very interesting. I think it's totally true that we tend to stay within our comfort zones in what we read, but it can be so rewarding when we stray out of it.


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