Monday, December 7, 2009

A Sweet Treat

Many thanks to BigLittleWolf who bestowed upon me my very first blogging award, the Sugar Doll. 

Apparently, this honor comes with some saccharine strings attached.  So stay tuned for my list of Ten Things We Don't Know About You, which I will post as part of my upcoming Holiday Hiatus.  (I know, the suspense engendered by all of these Capital Letters is probably killing you...But be patient, gentle reader, all will be revealed in due time.)

In the meantime, it is with toothsome gratitude and sweet humility that I accept this award.  I am particularly grateful for this recognition because it feels to me like a symbol of the community that is growing and coalescing here at Motherese.  It also gives me the opportunity to sing the praises of two of the women that have helped build that community through the inspiration of their writing at their own blogs and through their comments here.  Moreover, it gives me the excuse to fawn all over them without sounding like a cyberstalker.  I hope.

First, a sugary shout-out to my benefactrix, BigLittleWolf.

I was first drawn into BLW's world of words through her thoughtful and intriguing comments on some of my favorite blogs.  When I clicked over to Daily Plate of Crazy, I was greeted by the very best mix of the everyday and the sublime.  BLW tackles every topic from dirty dishes to talking dirty, from headache to heartbreak, all with equal delicacy and eloquence.  All Things Considered, indeed.  Whatever her subject matter, I always want to read her wise, witty, and sometimes even whimsical perspective; this past week, though, BLW has outdone herself with a series of deeply moving posts.  I thank her for thinking me even the least bit worthy of this award.

And now to pass along the Sugar Doll to one of my favorite "delightful and thought-provoking" writers: Lindsey at A Design so Vast.

Regular readers of Motherese are undoubtedly already familiar with my tremendous admiration for Lindsey's mind and her ability to express herself in writing.  Before I started blogging, I lurked for a long time at A Design so Vast, consistently in awe of the profundity of Lindsey's thinking and the poignancy of her voice.  The power of her prose and the resonance of her ideas continue to overwhelm me.  Rarely do I leave a visit to her blog without feeling that I understand my own challenges more clearly.  I owe Lindsey much more than a fuzzy button to post on her blog.  Indeed, her blog - and the idea that such a community of thinkers existed out here in the ether - helped give me the courage to find my voice and start writing.  And for that, I will remain in her debt for quite some time.

So thank you, Lindsey.  Now limber up those fingers and get ready to give us your own list of Ten Things We Don't Know About You.  I pass this Sugar Doll on to you, my new friend.

Please click on over and visit BigLittleWolf and Lindsey.  And while you're at it, check out Aidan and Goldfish, my co-recipients of the Sugar Doll.  You won't be sorry!


  1. I'm going to check her out today! Congrats on your award! And of course, I look forward to your 10 things.

  2. Can I just mention that I do not belong in this company? I've loved all that I've learned about you so far, and can't wait to learn more. Now... off to Lindsey!

  3. Congratulations! Well deserved! And now I'm off to check out YOUR Sugar Doll choice. Thanks for the reading tip!

  4. We battled and you won. Lindsey is an utter gem. I am contemplating giving her my nod too. Is that illegal? Love your blog. You deserve this award, regal rookie!

  5. Super! You do have an outstanding blog and in just such a short time. Way to go!

  6. Thanks for both of those recommendations, Kristen. I love what I read so far and am eager to follow up. Lindsey quotes one of my favorite authors, Louise Erdrich, certainly a sign!

  7. You completely deserve it. Your writing is always thought provoking. Something I need.


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