Sunday, January 10, 2010

Silly Sunday (Non)Sense: Whom Do You Look Like?

My beloved Big Little Wolf e-mailed me yesterday to ask: "'Tiny Baby' isn't that tiny anymore, is he? When he turns one, what will you call him online?"

A provocative question indeed, especially since Tiny Baby has never been all that, well, tiny.  In fact, "Tiny Baby" was a nickname given to him - perhaps ironically? perhaps as a means of asserting his own relative size? - by Big Boy.  The not-so-tiny Tiny Baby has been off the proverbial charts in both length and weight at every pediatrician's visit.  His impressive physique reminds one of the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man from Ghostbusters, thigh rolls and all.

And, when he gets upset, Tiny Baby bears a striking resemblance to the Marshmallow Man when the Ghostbusters attack him by crossing the streams of their proton packs.

As for me, my students used to tell me that I looked like Kristin Davis, Sex and the City's Charlotte - a flattering suggestion, but one that had everything to do with my preppy wardrobe and pretty much nothing to do with my actual physical appearance.  Back in the day, Husband was frequently compared to Matthew Modine.

Neither of us seems to have a doppelganger with any cultural currency in the 2010s.


Speaking of the wonderful and witty Wolf, did you know that she was named one of WE Magazine's 101 Women Bloggers to Watch in 2010?  I am so pleased to see D.A.Wolf and her always thoughtful, always thought-provoking Daily Plate of Crazy recognized by this national publication.  I consider BLW one of my personal writing idols, a member - alongside Aidan and Lindsey - of my blogging Holy Trinity: the Mentor, the Sister, and the Gracious Spirit.

Congratulations, BLW, on your well-deserved honor!


Hmm...and that gets me thinking about the mysterious BLW.  I have come to think of her as the fabulous stiletto of her gravatar, but anyone who writes like that must have, at least, nimble fingers and a well-appointed head to hold that considerable brain.  So what notable lady might she look like?

Here's my guess: Natalie Portman's wiser, sassier sister.

Which famous figure do you most resemble?
Images: Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, web-resolution screen shots from Ghostbusters; Big Little Wolf's Daily Plate of Crazy; Natalie Portman at TIFF 2009 by makoto2007 via Wikimedia Commons under a Creative Commons. license.


  1. I agree with your assessment of who BLW resembles! I might also throw in a little bit of Tina Fey.
    I've also been told I look like Charlotte from SITS! I definitely don't see it besides the dark hair. And some chick who used to be on General Hospital which I've never once in my life seen so I can't say if I agree or not. I always find it interesting when people say I look "like" someone. I must have some sort of common look since no matter where I go I seem to get that I "look like" someone else they know.

  2. OK, this is far more flattering than I deserve, and it makes me both giggle and feel absolutely humbled this Sunday morning. A gracious spirit is pretty much something I NEVER feel like - so, thank you!
    In high school, when I was prone to wearing a baseball cap backwards while I skiied, I used to be told I looked like Axl Rose. Hmmm. Not so flattering. Now? I have no idea. Pippi Longstocking? I think that's probably the closest.
    My husband looks like someone a lot. His identical twin. So much that at least once a month someone comes up to him on the street or at a restaurant and claps him on the back and he looks at them, puzzled, and says, with a sigh, "I'm not Mark."

  3. Kristen,

    First of all: thank you. You are too kind.

    Second of all: I have gotten a lot of celeb look-alikes in my day. Not sure what this means really. Some are flattering. Some not so much:
    1. Britney Spears (pre-head-shaving meltdown!)
    2. Tara Reid (pre-rehab=plus-botched-surgery!)
    3. Renee Zelwegger
    4. Kim Cattrall (a younger version of course!)
    5. The most recent one? Little Jenny from Gossip Girl.

    I write these and don't know whether to laugh or cry. Both would probably be appropriate.

    Thanks for the quasi-silly post on this cold Sunday morning.

    Your cyber-sis,

  4. Okay, so if Becca and I take turns playing Charlotte and Aidan plays Samantha (a younger version, of course!), who out there can be Carrie or Miranda? (Lindsey, you've got the right hair color for Miranda, right?)

  5. As many times as Hubby has been compared to Keith Urban, I'll go ahead and pass the torch, b/c the only person I was ever consistently compared to was Kim Basinger in the 80s. Shakira hair on a good day..! P.S. Shout out to you on my blog today.

  6. You guys are cracking me up :) I agree with you about BLW. And from your avatar I can completely see the Charlotte resemblance!

    Once I was told I looked a little like Ashlee Judd. I don't see it though...

  7. Let's see, back in the day my friends thought I looked a bit like Molly Ringwald. Then, more recently, it was Julianne Moore, till I cut my bangs. I wish.
    I have to tell you Kristen, I am so enjoying your writing. I'm so happy when I see a new post from you in the reader. And thanks for these new blog recommendations.

  8. OMG you cracked me up! And as a bleary-eyed and weepy mother of teen who just took off into the skies to return to college, I think Natalie of Boingerhead could draw me best - sunken, swollen eyes, major rack, and red heels!!

    Thanks Kristen. I needed this laugh. And you have bestowed it upon me in such lovely company!

    Now as for the "Mentor" remark, hmmm... I'll take that as a compliment (and not in deference to my advanced ... ahem... maturity).

    Seriously - thanks for the beautiful words, for the hearty laugh, those are my feet, and I have no clue who I may resemble - though some have said Tina Fey (at Natalie Portman's height). Give Becca a cigar!

    I also would've thought you looked like Charlotte. And back to my question, what will you call Tiny Baby?? Surely nothing to do with a marshmellow?

    (Oh - I do not resemble Carrie at all, but I've got the shoes... )

  9. I think I've gotten the craziest "you look likes" from people over the years. Cindy Crawford?!! I'm 5' 3" and I have a tiny mole above my lip; does this a resemblance make? Also, Natalie Wood, Ashley Judd, Betty Boop (does my face look drawn on?), and recently Katie Holmes (actually got this one from someone in a gas station who stopped my mini-van before I could pull out of the parking lot to tell me) and at least once a month someone tells me I look like one particular woman that lives in my town. I have yet to meet her but apparently we were twins separated at birth. So, I'm wondering?...

    Do all brunettes just look alike to people or do all these people need their eyes checked?

  10. Okay, this is pretty funny. I've been told I look like a lot of people, mostly I don't know them, so I couldn't tell you who they are...I think Joan Crawford was one of them. I think not so much. Now, as for who I most act like? That'd definitely be a cross between Lucille Ball and Sandra Bullock's role in The Proposal. If you can even picture that. Strange, I know. Fun post!

  11. I have been told I look like more people than I can count--I must just have that Generic Blonde look. Like Aidan, some were flattering and others were downright depressing. Here's a few I can remember:

    -Olivia Neutron-Bomb (she's the one, over my lifetime, that I've gotten the most)
    -Marilyn Monroe (???)
    -Reese Witherspoon (if I have her chin, I'll shoot myself)
    -a young Lauren Bacall (the commenter was like, 80)
    -Sharon Stone (dude was drunker than drunk)
    -Naomi Watts (I actually get this one most now)
    -Audrey Hepburn (hello? I'm a blonde?)
    -Loni Anderson (Fo' Shizzle! I wanted to crawl into a hole!)
    -Grace Kelley (hopefully not the dead version)
    -both the cartoon gals Blondie and Betty (Veronica's much duller counterpart)
    -Marg Helgenberger (ack! She be olllllld!!)

    I also have people come up to me all the time and say, "I know you from somewhere..."

    I'm always thinking, "No, I just look like every other blonde in America."

  12. I'm always told I look like anyone with a stupid looking chin - used to be Madelyn Kahn, lately Julia Louis-Dreyfus. I'm sure if I was a guy, it'd be Jay Leno...

  13. Forgot to add: I predict that BLW looks like Xena:Warrior Princess!!!!! :)

  14. I personally imagine Wolf looking like the sexy version of Meryl Streep.

    So, my husband told me I look like Renee Zelwegger and Taylor Swift. Y'know, when they look pretty. : )

  15. You guys should all do stand up.

    Kitch - you guessed it. Xena, the 5' version, with 80's style Madonna pointy boob corset. Oh,isn't there a spear and shield in their somewhere? And cool Amazonian cuffs? (Kinky. Perfect.) The corset and cuffs are French of course.

    Apparently, this incredible brain trust hanging out at this site has concluded:

    (a) all blondes look alike
    (b) all brunettes look alike
    (c) the red heads must win, hands down
    (d) we all have twins, somewhere (Hollywood, or possibly, Bollywood)

  16. Gee whiz. Nobody says that I look like anybody. I feel left out...or maybe I feel original. No, left out.

    Kristen you do resemble Kristin!


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