Saturday, January 2, 2010

Six Quick Picks: Farewell 2009 Edition

In this week's edition of Six Quick Picks, I bring you some highlights from my own personal 2009.

1. January: Big Boy and I traveled to Orlando, Florida with my parents.  It was on this trip that his language skills really began to explode.  He started naming everything in sight.  We started having conversations.  At the time I didn't realize that this would be some of our last concentrated time together before I would be confined to bed rest for the remainder of my pregnancy.

2. April: Tiny Baby was born, making our trio into a quartet.  I remember the tears streaming down my face when I first saw his scrawny chicken body as Dr. G held him up to Husband and me over the c-section screen.  He was healthy.  He was here.  He was magnificent.  He was - he is - ours.  We were - we are - delighted to have him.

3. Summer: I first started to hear about the pregnancies and successful adoption placements of several of my beloved girlfriends, many of whom finally got pregnant after battles with infertility.  I was overwhelmed with happiness at the prospect of welcoming these women into the sisterhood that is motherhood.

4. August: I traveled to Washington DC for a girls' weekend with two of my favorite friends - and without Husband, Big Boy, and Tiny Baby.  Ahh, the glory of solo airport Starbucks, shopping, pedicures and trashy magazines, a movie, ice cream, museums, yummy food, and uninterrupted adult conversation.  I love my kids.  And I loved that weekend away from them.

5. September: Big Boy turned two.  We celebrated with a trip to visit the dinosaurs at the American Museum of Natural History.  The sheer exuberance on his face as he ran through the Hall of Dinosaurs (thank goodness it was a slow morning at the museum!) encapsulated for me both the magic of childhood and the need to bear witness to it before it passes away.

6. November: I took a class at Gotham Writers' Workshop and launched Motherese.  I started writing daily, discovered powerful and lyrical voices here in the blogosphere, and began laying the foundation of some of the most interesting relationships I've developed in some time.

2009 will be tough to beat, but I say, "Bring it on, 2010!"


  1. Here's to another exciting and wonderful year!

  2. I so love your attitude: "Bring it on, 2010!" It's why I left you an award on my blog. You rock!

  3. Hey, I am here by way of Jane's blog. Just spent a while scrolling thru your past posts. Great stuff; I'll definitely be back!

  4. Important and poignant markers - and as always - balanced with the confidence of a "you" - the enjoyment of those few solo days. Their necessity.

    May 2010 bring you more of this. And for us, your lucid and thoughtful prose.

  5. Have so enjoyed getting to know you through your blog this year (or rather, past few months!) You have a style all your own, and I enjoy your posts and thoughts tremendously. Happy New Year!

  6. I poked around a bit and have enjoyed what I've read. BTW, as a mother also (yet older) of two boys, I can assure you that you will enjoy being the only woman in the house. I have loved every stage of their childhoods and growing up years.

  7. Happy New Year, Kristen. I also say to 2010, "Bring it on!" Although I am entirely conscious of the passage of time and often feel at odds with moving forward, I am always ready and waiting for change and for newness.

    Oh happy day!

  8. What a lovely post of remembrance! Some wonderful times it seems you had in 2009 only to be topped by more excitement in 2010! i can't wait to be here with you as you live through it all! happy new year!

  9. Kristen, love your 6 quick picks and using them to summarize your year! Of course, we "met" (in the virtual sense) in the Gotham class and, really, how amazing that class turns out to have been in retrospect! The things that our instructor told me to do to build a community have led to me having real friendships on here, friendships I would miss if they were gone. Thanks for your part in that.

  10. Ooh Dear Universe may we all be strong enough to take a few days to hang out with our dearest girlfriends every year and be irresponsible. You GO girl. 2010 will bet better because its just in you.


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