Saturday, January 16, 2010

Six Quick Picks: Happiness Edition

Last week my blogging buddy Liz at ...but then I had kids presented me with the Happy 101 award, given to bloggers who make you smile.  Thanks, Liz!  Your witty, insightful writing never fails to make me smile - so that happy thing?  It's reciprocal! 

Today I give you a special edition of Six Quick Picks - six things that made me happy this week:

1. Big Boy's questions: "Mommy, what's Grandma and Grandpa's planet?"; "How is a mast like a walrus?"; "Do ducks eat alligators every day?"

2. The UConn women's basketball team: A 55-game winning streak.  Power, teamwork, grace.  A visit from ESPN's College GameDay - a first for any women's team in any sport.

3. Tiny Baby's laugh: Surprisingly deep, syrupy sweet.  A throaty blend of Kathleen Turner and Barry White.  Delicious.

4. Chocolate-covered pretzels: Sweet. Salty. Perfection.

5. Peony-scented hand soap: A heady reminder of the swollen, scent-filled blossoms on the Midwestern roadside and at the Farmers' Market in June.

6. Kelly Diels and the Help Haiti Blog Challenge: Leadership by example.  Social media mobilized for the greater good.  (By the way, have you left your comment on yesterday's post?  Each comment means another $2 for Partners in Health's earthquake recovery efforts in Haiti.)

Looking to boost your own happiness quotient this weekend?  Pay a visit to my friend Linda at Barmitzvahzilla.  Linda writes about her unique family with great humor and tremendous tenderness.  I feel very lucky to have found her out here in the blogosphere.  Linda, I pass this Happy 101 award along to you!

What made you happy this week?


  1. I'm with you on the chocolate covered pretzels!!

    I love your description of Tiny Baby's laugh. Precious.

    I'm looking at something that made me happy this week--the bouquet of orange tulips that I bought for myself. Because they give me the foolish hope that spring is right around the corner, even as snow sits on the ground.

  2. My weary teen brought home a report card with a 98 average. That made him proud, and me happy - in part to see his pride. And last night he had friends over; I stayed out of the way but could hear their laughter. Even happier.

  3. That is the best description of a baby laugh EVER!

  4. I have a similar weakness for sweet, smelling soaps. Congrats on the award!

  5. Kathleen Turner and Barry White?? Now I gotta hear that laugh!!

  6. Thanks for this great list, Kristen, and reminding me that our lives are made up of these little things (that we don't want to forget) and these big things (that we probably won't forget), all at once. And thanks for the direction to Liz's blog and for passing on the award. I appreciate it.

  7. I always list a baby's laugh as one of the best sounds around. But I never have been able to describe it. This is the best description and even though my kids are both asleep... it made me smile!
    I can't wait to check out the blogger you passed the award to!


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